Born in Oak Ridge, raised in Clinton during the hey day of Evel Knievel. Which started my obsession with two wheels. Jumping ditches, bicycles, other kids became a way of life. In my tween years I started racing BMX. I continued to do so until I went to college. There I dabbled in freestyle BMX and even some road riding. After a few years with no direction I joined the Air Force. Oddly enough  it was during this period that I discovered mountain biking. Living at the beach in Florida with no mountains to be found. After my time in the service I moved back to Tennessee and it has been on ever since.

Cross country riding and downhilling (staying true to my Evel upbringing) have been my passion. Throw in some pump tracking to keep the BMX kid inside satisfied, and that makes for a pretty good life.There was still one thing missing. The career I was born to have, but somehow never found. Seems like a no brainer, But I have had several jobs and a good career as a hairstylist for the past sixteen years. Still I never felt complete.

Recently I threw all caution to the wind and came to work with my good friends at The Bike Zoo. Where I have been a fixture as a client/groupie almost since the shops inception. Finally after a long, sometimes strange trip, I can proudly say I am home and I am Specialized.