Born in Columbus, Ohio – I started riding (after the childhood transportation years) in college.  There was a paved loop trail around a small lake, and I figured a mountain bike was going to be the best way to meet chicks.  Wrong!  What it led to was a new hobby that has taken me a bunch of places and let me meet a bunch of people.

A co-worker at the time took me out to the woods for the first time.  HOOKED!  Then I figured that I could supplement my income with a part-time job at the local shop.  GOT IT!  Then I figured California would be a better place to live than Ohio.  MOVED THERE!  Became a full-time bike shop employee and a full-time bike junkie.  Put the car away for 3 years and did everything by bicycle.  Worked my way up to middle management before I decided to move back to Ohio.  Ran a service department, then a store for a handful of years.  Took a couple of years off, worked for a skateboard bearing company, and a pipeline construction company.  Reconnected with a beautiful woman and moved to Maryville.  The rest is history in the making.  Go Bucks!