I was born and raised in  East Tennessee, I tried living in a couple of other places, but this is home. I grew up with a love for riding dirtbikes,(or any kind of motorcycle), and  playing all the “Normal” sports. Basketball and Football have always been my favorites,). I was introduced to mountain biking by a good friend while in my mid 30’s…I didn’t care too much for the climbing part but, I was in love the first time down the hill. Over the last 15yrs I have ridden several types of bikes, from road bikes to downhill bikes and I loved them all. I enjoy “All Mountain”/ Downhill riding as my favorite type of cycling, along with cyclocross. I also commute by bike a couple times per week.

I was given the opportunity to work at The Bike Zoo at the end of 1998. I think it is absolutely the best job there is. Bicycles are amazing machines, from the way that they are made, and the abuse that they can take, to the ability that they have to change your life for the better. My current bike list includes; Specialized Enduro, Specialized SX Trail, Specialized Tricross (for ALL road riding needs), and a Stumpjumper 29’er Single Speed. I have a long list of favorite quotes, but this is one of my favorites from a local source,(Kent Bostic), “Your pain is not special.”