Gary (a.k.a. g money, g)
I was born in Margate, FL but my parents moved here when I was 5.  Since all of my “remembered” life and all of my school years have been here, I just say that I’m from here- one of the best places in the world!
I started working at the Bike Zoo in May of 1995 just after graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Geology.  I had started riding “modern” or “real” bikes when I started college, 1990, about a year before the Zoo came into existence.  Got into riding, mostly mountain bikes with my long time friend Adam Smith who ended up with the perfect part-time college job at the Zoo.  As college wore down, Adam was ready to leave town for sure and because of his input, me hanging around being a shop “groupie”, and Jon Clark’s willingness to give an enthusiastic but extremely untrained guy a chance, is how I ended up working at the Zoo.  I never would have thought I could make a living at this and I am thankful all of the time for the opportunity to do this- the stars definitely aligned correctly!!
I love riding.  I love all kinds of bikes and have a better appreciation for old stuff than I used to.  New, shiny bikes are awesome and the technology is amazing as well.  I have come to love road riding, especially dirt road and paved combos but there is no doubt that I have had and hopefully (body permitting) will always have a deep love affair with the woods and mountains.  Mountain biking is what got me started and is still my favorite.  The places I have pedaled are amazing and sometimes to think how great those machines are and what you can get away with and where you can get to, just blows the mind.  I would get rid of everything, including my car, before I won’t have a mountain bike around.
Right now the bikes ( and these are complete bikes that get ridden regularly ) that I own are :
  • 2010 S-works Stumpjumper Carbon 29er Single-speed-  stupid light, fast and amazing from the blast around Haw Ridge to 9 hours of 100 mile mountain bike race goodness!
  • 2007 S-works Tricross- the ultimate all-around big-tired road bike.  Dirt, gravel, pavement, greenways, racks, fenders- it does it all and does it well-  6 hour suffer-fests to racing ‘cross.
  • 2006 Independent Fabrications steel single-speed Planet-X-  simple, versatile, been everywhere (see tricross)  First and only custom bike I’ve built and it will be with me forever!
  • 2010 Stumpjumper Aluminum 29er 1X9-  This one is some stuff that was around once I built the new single-speed.  1×9 gearing and a rigid fork make it a great ride the greenway to get to the “dirty south” trails and back home again.
Besides bikes, I love to be with my family.  I have been married to Kelley for almost 15 years and am grateful everyday that she understands my riding addiction.  We are truly fortunate to have the coolest kid around, our son A.J. who is almost 10 years old- hard to believe sometimes but the best thing that has ever happened!   My other loves/interests are anything in the woods- hiking, camping, etc.  My favorite “other” sport is basketball-  A.J.and I hit up all the UT men’s home games once November rolls around and we always have a blast.  Traveling is another love, whether its to go ride or race my bike, or simply go to the beach with my family, or jump on a plane and go somewhere where you can’t speak the language- doesn’t matter.  As good as it is here, there are alot of place to see out there and I feel like I’ve just gotten started.
Favorite quote of all time “I don’t know karate, but I know crazy!”  -James Brown