My name is Derek Lynch and I grew up in Oak Ridge, TN.  I started riding as a sophomore in high school with friends where ever I could while saving up for a road bike.  I was directed to the Bike Zoo around this time and eventually purchased a Cannondale R500 during the winter.  About a year and a half later I came in to the Bike Zoo inquiring about a job.  I talked to the guys here and started working towards the end of my senior year.  Now, a little over five years later I am still here and loving it.  Although I started riding road bikes, which I do continue to enjoy, I really enjoy mountain biking and riding broken, sketchy roads on skinny tires.  The bikes I currently own start with my Independent Fabrication Planet X single speed/ fixie, a Cannondale 1FG, a Specialized Tarmac Pro SL and a very old Rudge English 3 speed.

My other interests lie in music and art.  I played the drums religiously from middle school through high school and still continue to play on occasion.  Currently, I am also pursuing a B.F.A with a focus on drawing and also have a love for painting and a few months ago a painting of mine was purchased for a permanent collection that was started at PSCC this last year.