Monthly Archives: January 2011


Local cyclocross racing started this weekend (thanks for the inspiration Tarik) and the racing was fantastic as always.  Sounds like Saturday was fun as our own Steve Bacon went and mixed it up with the masters for a fantastic 3rd place- especially given he had a flat and had to wait a little for a…

(Almost) Live from Norris

Told you.  Mmmmmm technology

All right already

So those truly hardcore followers of the original Team Ed Racing blog- all 16 of them- now have been redirected here where all the magic happens.  If you are new or old, the story probably is worth re-telling seeing as how it’s a new year and all and I haven’t done much posting in awhile…

The future of Team Ed

Local hotshot Lyam killing it on a Specialized Hotwalk! The future of Team Ed. from go kart mozart on Vimeo.

New Specialized Prevail helmet

We just received the new Specialized Prevail helmet!  At a shade over 200 grams it is unbelievably light without making any sacrifices in regards to ventilation, comfort and safety. Visit the link below for more details. Nice review on Peloton Magazine.

New Bike Zoo jerseys!

2011 Team Bike Zoo jersey

New 2011 Team Bike Zoo jerseys are in stock. A “negative” of last years same great design with a more summer friendly black over white. Come grab one today and while you’re there, see Gmoney for the secret handshake.