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Check it out!

Before anymore stories of Cohutta are told if you know or care about ED check out today’s edition of and you will be inspired to keep doing dumb things aboard bicycles for many years to come!

“Team Ed” in the News!

Check out our very own Ed McCalley (yes, that’s the Ed of Team Ed fame) in the today’s Knoxville News Sentinel. Click here for the story!

Cohutta 100

Big day in the woods, half under good conditions, half under way worse. The epic rains came as predicted and I was so glad to be past the half-way point when they did. ED did 11 and a half hours-ish, T-flo 12 hours-ish (probably rode 110 miles since he missed a turn near the end!),…

Co-freakin-hutta 100!

For now a short video of ED finishing- there is cursing. You have been warned.

Been forever

So what. Mainly that means lots o’ riding. Finally spring has sprung so no more snow, booties, giant gloves and the like. Warm temps, not much rain, and no question the most perfect dirt that East TN has seen in years!!! Been to the Bahamas for R and R, but right back to it with…

2010 Specialized Demo bikes!

Our fleet of new Specialized demo bikes, both road and mountain, are starting to roll in. Come down and take one out for a spin!