Monthly Archives: February 2009


Greenwayurbancross fun

Doing a 4 to 5 hour ride today wasn’t in the cards for many reasons the best of which was to be around to pick up the young one at school and take him to guitar lessons (rock and roll style of course). So, the window opened for a two hour jaunt from the house…

Since I’m Up Anyway…..

Stupid Knox County schools. My morning ritual is to get up, coffee up, computer-weather, cycling related stuff, and make sure that I’m fully awake before I wake up the small boy for school type preparations. Today I changed the order and coffee came first THEN computer and I quickly realized school had been called off….

Weights and Measures

Anyone who has been in the shop knows that every day is very much like a Seinfeld episode. We can talk at great length about nothing. We can come up with absurd ideas but believe in them to the fullest. It is great fun. For example, without knowing it we realized that if we are…